The Art of Developing a Trade Show Booth Design

Developing an effective trade show exhibit can be an essential part of your company’s marketing strategy. It is important to know that as of 2014, trade shows and face to face events ran second in the marketing media race – just behind digital media and far ahead of any other marketing tool. And it is interesting in this age of digital media usage that such human interaction as is seen and felt during trade events is definitely on the rise.

Effective trade show booths make great use of their space, and that includes all elements of that space. Floor, any side walls erected, overhead space and any furniture used – all work together to present a unified feel for the customer. Use of bold graphics and colors are particularly effective in grabbing attention and helping the potential customer get your message. Those graphics and colors are probably the most effectual way to enhance your brand and that message that goes along with it. Of course, the other materials you bring into the space must support your graphics, color schemes and brand message. That includes digital tools like HD screen monitors and touch screen tablets that allow the consumer to experience more in and around your exhibit than they ever have before.

Make sure to create a space that draws the potential customer in – you can use furniture along with other elements to give flow to your space. Create partitions and stand alone walls to help segment parts of the space to give certain elements extra punch and excitement. This is particularly useful with the electronic tools like screens and tablets. You can make a virtual experience possible for your consumer or potential customer, and really get their buy-in for your product or service. This feature is really becoming popular among trade show eventers.

The number of attendees at trade shows has gone up in the last two consecutive years. It really is a mark of how much people like the face-to-face experience – even in this digital day and age. They like to be visually present – touch, feel, directly engage. And statistics show that over 80 percent of those who attend trade shows have the power to recommend or make final purchases for their organizations. That is astounding – and encouraging for those who budget for events with their marketing dollars.

Along with crafting an engaging and exciting space for consumers to move through, one of the craftiest trends of the last two years is using our sense of smell and taste as part of the draw. Freshly brewed coffee, freshly baked cookies – these two elements have been used to great effect. Not only does it provide a tactile memory that links to your space, your product, and your brand, there is something about those two scents that evokes all the best thoughts and feelings in a majority of people.

As we move along the technological trail, we are coming to an age where we are doing things that are useful for meaning rather than just because we can. This means that our trade show spaces are as texturally and spatially interesting, and impactful that ever before – those who haven’t thought along these lines might find themselves behind the times.

The Benefits of Attending Trade Shows For Your Business

tradeshowSome in the trade show industry might have said that this medium of marketing was on the decline. But statistics do not prove that out at all. In fact studies from 2014 show that dollars spent on trade shows rate just second to what is budgeted and spent on digital media. That is huge, and quite clearly shows that trade shows are very much a viable marketing tool.

So understanding that face-to-face events and trade shows capture that much of the industry dollars spent by businesses, it stands to reason that this trend will continue to rise in 2015. And since these events are second only to digital media, a great thought would be to integrate digital media into face-to-face events wherever possible and where it makes sense. Consumers are making their preference for personal and one-on-one interaction known when it comes to events – they want to touch, feel, and be engaged by the brands they are interested in. Continue reading

2015 Tradeshow Trends and Strategy

trade-showThe world of trade shows has changed quite a bit over the years. There are trends for this industry that have come and gone and have come back around again. The appetite of the consumer base for hands on, face to face interaction stays alive even in the midst of our digitally driven world these days. Statistically speaking, events (including trade shows), runs second only to digital campaigns when it comes to marketing with every other outlet running distantly behind. So the smart company puts its money on both efforts to get their brand in front of their customers and generate new business.

When it comes to display space, it’s all about the design, and that is one thing that has never changed. The updates and trending styles come from use of display materials, color, furniture (to be or not to be), interaction and presentation. One other driving factor that doesn’t get as much press as some of the others is flow – traffic flow, to be precise. How you craft the layout of your display space to “direct” the flow of traffic into and out of your area can be a deciding factor in how much business you generate at all. Continue reading

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Color In Your Tradeshow Booth This Year

Tradeshow Booth DisplayThe success or failure of a tradeshow booth depends on a lot of key elements. However, none have quite the same impact as the color palette you choose. Color is an important component to trade show exhibit design, some believe it’s the most important element. Not only are color schemes and graphics one of the easiest things to change in a tradeshow display, they are also the least expensive way to add personality and life to a booth. So, why aren’t more tradeshow exhibitors taking cues from other industries and getting away from the tried and boring basic color schemes and mixing it up with the more sophisticated color palettes that their customers are looking for?

Scientists have long understood the power that color has over our perceptions and emotions, and it is this emotional response that you, as a marketer, are looking for. The main issue is that most tradeshow exhibitors simply leave color choice out of the equation, choosing the company’s corporate color scheme rather than designing a custom, attractive and effective tradeshow display using colors that take their inspiration from fashion and interior design trends. This cookie cutter approach does not do much to help you set yourself apart from your competition. However, being different does have its advantages. Continue reading

Adding Digital Media To Your Tradeshow Exhibit

digital mediaAs consumers realize they like to be engaged with new ideas in a face to face fashion as well as digitally, trade show events will continue to remain strong weapons in a smart business’s arsenal. For some time, it was thought that digital and social media would literally wipe out things like trade shows as consumers would drift to the digital side and stay home rather than making the effort to get out and about. That is proving to just not be the case at all. Instead, the reverse concept is showing up in many ways including increased attendance at trade show events and conferences. Bottom line: people are social creatures who really like to come together and interact – even if it might be more convenient to sit on the couch and wear out their thumbs on the phone or tablet.

However, using digital media and technology as part of a display space if you are an exhibitor continues to rise in popularity. In fact, a strong case is made for its use simply because “changing” how these tools are used and what is viewed on them contributes to a display space redesign in a far less costly fashion than printing and otherwise physically producing new display materials. Once you’ve paid for the monitors, tablets, or other display screens, you are set for quite some time as the changes can all be done virtually without additional costs. This is a big plus for incorporating these devices as part of your space and reducing your long-term budget. Continue reading

Anything Display Offers a Wealth of Information To Maximize Your Tradeshow Experience

Trade_Show_informationNow that 2014 has come to a close, it’s wanted to take some time to reflect on the economy, the trade show industry as a whole and trends that have helped to shape what promised to be another exciting year in the tradeshow industry.

Today, the economy is stronger than where we began last year. Business owners have seen an increase in their sales month over month during 2014 and 2015 is expected to be even better.

And, as the economy continues to recover, tradeshows have begun to see a reemergence as a vital part of a strong, well-rounded marketing initiative. Participating in tradeshows offers businesses a way to maximize their marketing efforts and take “social media marketing” to a whole new level, by providing tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of their tradeshow booths and presentations. For example, did you know that by attending tradeshows, you have the unique ability to make a memorable impression on potential new customers after just one encounter rather than having to make multiple contacts in order to earn their business through other marketing means? That’s right. While many businesses continue to avoid going to tradeshows because of a perceived higher cost, the truth is that you get a lot more return on your investment because you have the opportunity to meet customers face to face. Continue reading

How to design a Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are an invaluable way to not only pitch products and services to targeted audiences, but are also an invaluable way to help build brand identity. Face to face interaction with potential customers is a great way to build a good relationship with customers. However, in order to do this, you have to be able to draw your audience in.

booth displayIn order to grab the eye of your target audience, you have to build an eye catching trade show booth. And while there are a number of people who have different opinions about what makes a quality trade show booth, the truth is that there is no cookie cutter method for creating the perfect trade show booth for your needs. The goal of your trade show booth design is to draw customers in and help build brand identity. Here are a few things you should consider before building your booth. Continue reading

What Are You Leaving on the Table By Not Attending Trade Shows?

When it comes to drumming up business for your business, what advertising methods are you using? Most companies rely heavily on their digital marketing campaigns, leaving little resources available for more traditional, old school techniques. However, do you know what you’re leaving on the table?

Tradeshows In today’s instant gratification business environment where bigger and faster automatically means better, most companies are spending time working on building up their online presence. They spend time on social media, optimizing their websites and blasting customers with direct email campaigns. Why? The main reason is because more and more demographics prefer electronic advertising over traditional advertising and, to be honest, it’s cheaper and faster. However, veteran advertising executives continue to hold on to a few vestiges of the old school advertising ways and continue to embrace campaigns such as print ads and tradeshows. Why? Because they work. Continue reading

How to Create a Cost Effective Trade Show Booth That Will Land Sales

tradeshow-boothIf you are a company marketing expert who is looking for a way to create the perfect trade show display for the next big event on a limited budget, there are several things you need to consider.

Trade show displays of yore used to be a very expensive proposition, with companies throwing thousands upon thousands of dollars without much thought to the level of return on that investment that they are receiving. However, after the economic downturn, this just isn’t a practical approach to marketing and companies are scaling back. Continue reading

Trade Show Trends in 2014 That Will Continue in 2015

tradeshowsAs the 2014 trade show season comes to a close, many companies are already scrambling to figure out how to get ahead of the game for 2015. 2014 was an exciting year for trade shows in that there were a lot of new and innovative ideas on display during the 2014 season and 2015 promises more of the same.

Increased Engagement through New Media

The biggest concept on display this year was the introduction of new media as companies rushed to grab the attention of consumers. Interactive wallboards and other technological displays provided the wow factor that many consumers were looking for and were very successful in drawing in the crowds. Mobile apps have also become increasingly popular. One such app allows specific companies to track trade show goers and provided them with alerts regarding exhibitions they may be interested in and where those exhibits may be. Paper brochures and flyers have been replaced with interactive table presentations that free company reps to provide a more personal interaction with potential consumers rather than focusing on the pitch. Continue reading