Big Trade Show Tips For Small Businesses

Tradeshow DisplayAn important way for small businesses to create leads and promote a stronger brand awareness is through trade show participation. Proper and thorough preparation is vital to insure a successful event, so before heading off to that next show, consider these helpful ideas to help your team make the most of it.

Go ahead and take a chance on trying out a new idea with your booth presence. Offering something exciting or different is guaranteed to generate interest; maybe consider a contest or promotion or service offering to make your brand memorable. Research sources outside your industry for inspiration because much can be learned by keeping an eye on other successful companies. Another resource for ideas is looking at other trade show booths. Observe what seems to be working and what doesn’t do as well, and make note of their marketing strategy. Implementing and incorporating other successful models into your own trade show presence will create the best ROI for your business. Continue reading

Boosting Appeal For Your Trade Show Booth

trade-showMost of us have attended trade shows and seen isles and rows of the same boring cloth cubicles and draped tables. Yawn. The goal of a trade show is to capture potential client or customer attention, so it’s vital to stand out from the competition and draw people into your booth. Incorporating these tips will help you achieve that goal.

Sometimes the adage, “To make money you need to spend money” is absolutely true. Investing in a quality display will save you dollars in the long run, especially if your booth will be used for several years. An online search can help you find many companies who specialize in design, layout and display materials to make your booth a unique attraction. An image search for your industry plus the key phrase “trade show ideas” (e.g. Golf trade show ideas) will get your creative juices flowing to see what the competition is doing. Booths may potentially be used for multiple shows that offer different floor plan dimensions, so you need to make sure your booth has the flexibility to work within a changing environment – this can save you headaches in the future. As long as the integrity of your brand stays consistent, the changes will only add to the usefulness of your booth. Continue reading

Planning a Successful Trade Show

trade-showTrade show exhibition is a lot of hard work. However, the work has to be directed by a plan in order to be successful. Most successful trade show exhibitors have been planning their presentations and displays for months prior to a show. For those who are looking for a better way to increase the success of their trade show exhibition experience, here are a few tips for properly planning a trade show.

Before the Show

Your pre-show planning exercises are the most vital to your success. Here are a few elements that you need to include in your advanced preparation plan.

1. Evaluate and select trade shows carefully.

The key to a successful showing at a trade show starts with participating in the right trade shows. Exhibiting is an expensive process in terms of money, time and effort. This is why it is vital to ensure that you are focusing your efforts on the shows that will give you the greatest return on your investment. Take some time to identify your audience and study the visitor demographics to ensure that you are exhibiting at the right shows. Continue reading

Things I Wished Someone Had Told Me About Trade Shows

tradeshow-boothAsk any marketing professional what area of marketing they wished they’d known more about before they’d taken on the campaign, and most would say trade shows. Trade shows used to a be staple in any marketing strategy, but have fallen by the wayside during the huge recession of the last decade. However, now that the markets have finally shown a consistent uptick, they are starting to make a comeback. Whether you are headed out to your first trade show or your fiftieth, here are a few tips that can help you make your experience a more successful one.

Truth #1: You won’t succeed at trade shows if you just show up. During your lifetime, you’ve probably attended at least one trade show as a spectator. One of the things that most likely stood out to you in a hoopla were the booths where presenters appeared to be bored, distracted or looked like they wished they could be anywhere but there. Unfortunately, many trade show exhibitors put off this vibe, believing that if they just show up and throw together a booth that they will automatically get leads. This is not how a trade show works. Putting together a solid presentation and creating an inviting atmosphere is what is going to attract potential leads to your booth. You’re going to need to do your homework and put forth some effort if you want your trade show experience to pay off. Continue reading

How to Choose Trade Shows to Exhibit In

trade showYou have probably heard a lot about the benefits of attending and presenting at trade shows in the last few years thanks to the re-emergence of this marketing strategy. However, it is important to understand how to choose the right shows to attend and which shows to present in so that you can maximize your return on your investment. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

How to Choose Shows to Exhibit In

1. Look at the potential lead generation by calculating the number of leads you expect to obtain and then measure the potential revenue you could earn from those leads with the cost of attendance for the show in question. Make sure that the potential profit margin is high enough to justify the expense. Continue reading

Hiring Event Staff for Trade Shows

Hiring Event Staffers For Your Next Trade Show

Exhibiting is an expensive marketing tactic that can help generate new business. If not taken seriously however it can be a big waste of money. Will hiring qualified and experienced event staff help you improve your results?

Below are five advantages to hiring professional event staff to help you increase ROI at your upcoming trade shows.

5 Ways Event Staff Hires Can Increase ROI at Trade Shows

1. Attract Attention – One of the most beneficial aspects of hiring event staff is their ability to attract attention to your trade show booth. Whether it’s through their sparkling personalities or by handing out promotional products to your target audience. Professionally hired staff has the skills and experience necessary to make valuable connections with your ideal audience. By hiring event staff to attract attention to your trade show booth it also ensures that your sales team has the time and freedom to focus on what they do best – close sales!

2. Product Presentations – Product presentations are a powerful trade show marketing tactic used to increase trade show leads and ROI for your brand. However if not executed properly trade show presentations can end in disaster. By hiring event staffers that have experience with ear prompters and/or teleprompters you can be sure that your product demonstrations will run smoothly.  An easy way to attract trade show attendees, the people you want to convert into trade show leads for your brand.  Another important reason to hire product presenters for your product presentations is because hired event staff have experience standing in the limelight as the center of attention while your sales team may not.  Hiring experienced event staff to run product presentations will ensure your presentation runs smoothly and not canceled at the last minute because of stage-fright.

3. Product Demonstrations – Similar to product presentations, product demonstrations are an effective way to educate trade show attendees about your product, brand or services. Educated consumers help to increase your trade show ROI. By hiring event staff that have experience in executing and performing product demonstrations you and your team can effectively reach a larger audience, capture more trade show leads to increase your ROI.

4. Reach a Larger Audience – Hiring event staff is also an easy and useful way to reach a larger audience, why? Professional event staffing brings a wide range of experiences and skill sets. For example, hiring promotional models of various ages, ethnicities and experience levels helps you reach a larger audience. Some businesses hire bilingual event staff to communicate more effectively. Hiring multilingual event staffers helps to reach an even greater audience. Event staff hires can also be utilized to roam* around the trade show floor approaching your ideal audience looking for potential sales for your brand.

* While some trade shows allow event staff to roam the trade show floor, not all of them do. We highly recommend double checking with the trade show venue and trade show organizers before hiring event staff to roam the trade show floor promoting your brand.

5. Qualify Trade Show Leads – Has your trade show team every gone to a trade show and spent days collecting business cards only to return to the office the next week and determine that almost none of them were qualified leads?  Hiring event staff to qualify trade show leads is an easy way to correct that issue.  Hired event staff are able to effectively collect qualified trade show leads because hired event staff have years of experience in the trade show industry, they know what types of questions to ask to separate high quality trade show leads from trade show leads that aren’t ready to make a purchasing decision or don’t have the authority to.

When it comes to exhibiting at trade shows, it’s important to continually increase your ROI if you want to stay competitive in your industry. Maybe it’s time you consider hiring event staffers to help you increase your trade show leads and sales?


Margaret Colebeck Vantage Advertising LLC

Margaret Colebeck

Submitted article by Margaret Colebeck.  Margaret works for Vantage Advertising an event staffing company that hires experienced trade show models for promotions and trade shows throughout the country.  She manages and writes educational content for the Models For Trades Shows Blog.  Her posts inform and inspire trade show exhibitors about trade show marketing, lead generation, event staffing, and more.

Seven Things to Avoid to Prevent Losing Potential Leads

trade showsThere are tons of articles out there telling you everything that you need to do in order to enjoy a more productive tradeshow experience, but few that address the faux pas that are often committed in the tradeshow environment. This article is dedicated to helping you avoid the things that push guests away from your display and ensure you get more leads.

Inexperienced Staffers

There is nothing more annoying to visitors of your display to have questions about your product and have no one available to answer them. Make sure that the people working your booth have in-depth knowledge of the products you are selling before they hit the floor. Continue reading

What Can You Do To Make Your Trade Show Experience More Fruitful

trade_showsMarketing experts have long touted the benefits of trade shows when it comes to lead generation. However, today’s trade show has come a long way from the trade shows of yesterday. If you are looking for information to create a better, more effective trade show display, you’ve come to the right place.

Trade Show Trends

Buyers are coming more prepared.

One of the first things you should realize is that buyers use trade shows in an entirely different fashion today than they did years ago. In decades past, buyers came to trade shows to learn about new products coming to market. However, that desire to simply “see what’s out there” is far from the norm these days. Buyers at trade shows today are much more informed and are looking to be wooed. This means that the success of your trade show booth will depend on what you provide to your buyers before they ever get to the show itself. Build brand awareness online by making information about your products available so that your company makes the short list on more visitors’ lists.

Technology is changing the playing field.

While technology was a novelty just a few years ago, it is a necessity today. Today’s trade show attendees want to be wowed and using technology in new and exciting ways will definitely do that. Here are a few things that you should know about using technology in your trade show display:

Digital marketing collateral

Several recent studies have shown that most (not all) print marketing collateral winds up in the garbage long before the visitor ever leaves the show. However, interactive technology, brightly lit displays and other technological advances make a huge impression on guests.

Virtual/Augmented reality experiences

Adding lesser known/used technology will definitely put your company on the map. For example, virtual reality technology is a great way to help your visitors truly “experience” your products. Oculus Rift VR makes it possible to engage visitors with your brand by creating augmented reality experiences on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, superimposing graphics and other sensory stimuli onto the real reality of the visitor’s physical environment.

Social media interaction is becoming more of an important success indicator.

Social media. It seems to be the scourge of the 21st century and yet hundreds of millions of people around the world engage in some form of social media sharing on a daily basis. Finding new and innovative ways to integrate social media with marketing your products is the key to performance in a trade show environment. Social media engagement is also quickly becoming the gold standard for measuring ROI. Many companies use the number of shares, likes and other social media indicators to rank a company’s standing in the marketplace. Those who have spent more time carefully cultivating an engaging social media presence will reap the rewards in this particular category, so consider expanding your social media engagement before you display at your next trade show.

As you can see, the face of the successful trade show exhibitor has changed significantly over the past few years. However, understanding what visitors are looking for will help you better structure your next display.

Tips To Make Your Trade Show Display Truly Pop

TradeShowCongratulations. You’ve done your homework and designed a great looking trade show display. However, you still aren’t convinced that your booth is going to stand out from all of the other booths at the next show you’ll be attending. Here are some last minute tips that you can use to create an irresistible display and maximize visibility.

Add Device Charging Stations

Trade show patrons are constantly on their smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, Tweeting, posting pictures on Facebook, messaging their friends, family and employers while looking up more information about various products and companies. This means that they are going to need a lot of battery power. One of the best ways to lure patrons into your display is to offer a charging bar where they can take a time out to recharge their batteries as well as those in their devices. Continue reading

How to Increase the Effectiveness of your Tradeshow Exhibit

trade-showSandy Reynolds, CMP, president of Meetings & Events USA, is an authority on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to tradeshow exhibits. If you are looking for better ways to get more out of your tradeshow experience, here are a few things that you should incorporate into your planning strategy for next year.

Know what they need

You aren’t going to attract tradeshow attendees if you aren’t catering to their needs. Far too many exhibitors stick to the tried and true method of exhibiting their company and their wares. However, patrons of today are looking for a more personal touch when it comes to the displays they will patronize. Do some research and find out what the patrons of a particular tradeshow wants and then deliver it. Conduct a few calls and send out a few surveys prior to the show to find out what patrons really want from a vendor and then plan your display around those needs. You will be amazed in the difference your exhibit will be viewed. Continue reading