How to Increase the Effectiveness of your Tradeshow Exhibit

trade-showSandy Reynolds, CMP, president of Meetings & Events USA, is an authority on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to tradeshow exhibits. If you are looking for better ways to get more out of your tradeshow experience, here are a few things that you should incorporate into your planning strategy for next year.

Know what they need

You aren’t going to attract tradeshow attendees if you aren’t catering to their needs. Far too many exhibitors stick to the tried and true method of exhibiting their company and their wares. However, patrons of today are looking for a more personal touch when it comes to the displays they will patronize. Do some research and find out what the patrons of a particular tradeshow wants and then deliver it. Conduct a few calls and send out a few surveys prior to the show to find out what patrons really want from a vendor and then plan your display around those needs. You will be amazed in the difference your exhibit will be viewed. Continue reading

How to Make Your Tradeshow Booth Stand Out

trade showsAs a new trade show booth exhibitor, you’ve probably read all the articles available on how to design a better tradeshow display. However, despite your best efforts, did your exhibit still seemed to fall short of your goals? If so, your design may be structurally and fundamentally sound. But, it may be lacking in visual interest, which is preventing you from being able to capture the attention of tradeshow goers.


Make Your Booth Unique

Think about this for a minute: you’ve created a tradeshow booth that follows all of the rules that the “experts” have put out there. But, so has everybody else. And, in a hectic, somewhat chaotic atmosphere of a tradeshow, one booth will blend into another and so on until everything becomes a blur. In order to grab the attention of attendees and draw them into your display rather than letting them stop by chance, you need to make your booth unique. Continue reading

7 Keys to a Successful Tradeshow Experience

trade_showsUp until very recently, tradeshow exhibition had fallen by the wayside and become a very unpopular way to promote your company. However, thanks to the slow, yet steady recovery of the economy, more and more businesses are branching back out into the world of tradeshow exhibition. However, because tradeshows have not been at the forefront of marketing for so long, many of today’s marketing professionals don’t have the experience necessary to produce an effective tradeshow display. Here are a few things you need to know about tradeshow exhibition in order to get the best results.

1. Look sharp… be sharp… And be kind… Tradeshow exhibition is a much different marketing technique that just about any other type of marketing technique out there. Why? Because it requires you to directly interact with your target audience. You need to be assertive, but not pushy. You need to be kind without seeming condescending. Don’t appear lazy. Don’t sit, look professional and interact with patrons in a genuine way. Tradeshow visitors want to be made to feel important and it is your job to deliver that. If you don’t, not only will you lose the opportunity to deliver your message to that person, you can rest assured that anyone within a virtual million mile radius will know about it over a range of social media outlets. Continue reading

The 2015 Tradeshow Season Revisited


Tradeshow season for 2015 is starting to draw to a close. And it has been an exciting, robust tradeshow season this year. As this particular marketing campaign season begins to wind down, it is important to reflect on the things that worked for you this year and things that didn’t yield the results you had hoped for in order to begin thinking about better tradeshow choices for next year.

Booth Design

Many tradeshow exhibitors spent time redesigning their tradeshow booths and displays for the new year, spending time on understanding how the different elements of the design balance against each other in order to create a better display. Long gone are the days of a monochromatic color palette and minimalistic furnishings that favored bright, audacious signage.

This year’s tradeshow patron was looking for more from exhibitors. They were drawn to booths that provided an inviting environment. In order to accommodate this need, exhibitors spent time and effort exploring different color options, incorporated high tech displays that offered an interactive environment and even provided patrons with a calm place to recharge their own batteries while plugging in their various electronic devices for a quick recharge. Today’s successful exhibitors grasped the concept that tradeshow visitors were looking for companies to provide more value and flocked to those who were able to provide it.

Lead Generation

In addition to providing a more exciting, interactive display, exhibitors learned new ways of generating and following up on leads. Of course, the main goal of an exhibitor at a tradeshow is to generate leads. However, in recent years past, this has proven to be much more difficult than ever before. Today’s exhibitors worked diligently to come up with new and innovative ways to capture patrons’ contact information and catalog this information in order to create a better method for follow up after the show is over. This effort led to greater conversion and ultimately to a higher rate of return on their tradeshow investment.

In order to achieve this higher level of success, some exhibitors used technology to capture and catalog this information while others continued to rely on more traditional methods with an increased focus on better contact management. And, of course, the most successful were the ones who never wasted an opportunity to create those contacts and gather contact data, even if the encounters weren’t ideal.

Final Thoughts on the 2015 Tradeshow Season

2015 brought many exhibitors the opportunity to hone their skills and prove that they have the marketing chops necessary to be successful in their chosen fields. However, 2016 will prove to be even more challenging as many who were novices in the tradeshow arena will now have to expand their reach beyond the basics in order to glean even more from their tradeshow experiences. Employing advanced techniques such as understanding the relationship between traffic patterns and tradeshow booth locations and how exhibiting in non-traditional tradeshows can boost exposure will allow them to maximize their exposure and effectiveness within this unique marketing medium and provide them with unparalleled opportunities for success. Are you ready for the future of tradeshow marketing?

5 Advanced Trade Show Strategies And Tactics

trade show boothDoesn’t it feel good to finally be just one of the team rather than the rookie? Of course it does. But, now that you’ve proven that you have what it takes to create a successful tradeshow booth, is there anything else you can do to build on that success?

Of course there is. Here are 5 advanced tactics that you can use to boost your tradeshow clout and create the tradeshow program that others have only dreamed of being a part of. Continue reading

Selecting a Prime Booth Location For Your Tradeshow Display

trade showBy now, you probably know that tradeshow participation is becoming increasingly more important for those who are looking for better avenues for advertising their wares. You’ve done your homework to ensure that you are creating an inviting booth that will bring potential new customers to the table, balancing your use of traditional marketing collateral with new, exciting electronic display options. You should have a very productive tradeshow experience. Or should you?

The truth is that while tradeshow booth display planning will go a long way to helping you reach success in your advertising endeavors, if you haven’t spent much time finding the prime piece of real estate in the venue, odds are you won’t be as successful as you could be. Where your booth is located is just as important, if not more important than your display. Continue reading

As a Marketing Guy, Trade Shows Make a Lot of Sense

Trade  Show boothYou can’t match the value of trade shows in the business world when it comes to boosting employee morale.

As a sales professional for a large personal electronics distributor, I like going to trade shows. My team members and I regularly operate a booth at many of the larger consumer electronics trade shows and I can tell you that having the opportunity to attend these shows is one of the main reasons I have remained employed with my current employer for so many years. Presenting at a trade show gives me the opportunity to see and compare all of the latest and greatest technology all under one roof-including seeing it in action and having the opportunity to get up close and personal with all the newest gadgets, allows us to attend educational seminars, and gives us access to one of the largest networking opportunities available in a non competitive environment.

Of course, I know that by presenting at trade shows, our sales team and our company as a whole, has a competitive edge over those who don’t. When we set up a booth at a trade show we get a unique and lucrative opportunity to demonstrate our latest advancements in technology, which makes it a great return on investment for our company, but that’s only scratching the surface. Attending trade shows is a huge morale booster for the sales teams thanks to the fresh energy they pump into our organization and the unique networking opportunities they present. Continue reading

Are Trade Shows a Thing of The Past? Not Yet!

Tradeshow Trade shows provide companies a unique opportunity to connect with their targeted consumers and provide them with a unique, interactive experience with new products that can make or break their revenues for the year. The key to the success of any company’s trade show experience is to attract the customers who will serve as the mouthpiece for their company. In order to do this, you have to create a trade show booth that will capture their attention. There are several emerging trends that promise to increase your face to face interactions with your target audience members. So, what elements should you be incorporating into your trade show booth this year?

Steady Growth in the Exhibition Industry Continues

First and foremost, while many companies are abandoning the trade show in favor of less resource intensive marketing efforts, it’s important to note that consumers are hitting trade shows at a much higher rate than previously expected As a matter of fact, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research has reported that attendance is actually exceeding initial projections, which means that those that take the time to attend trade shows will have the opportunity to reach many more people than in previous years. This trend has a direct impact in the return on investment that is the benchmark for marketing success. Continue reading

How to Create an Effective Trade Show Booth

trade show displayTrade shows are an invaluable way to not only pitch products and services to targeted audiences, but are also an invaluable way to help build brand identity. Face to face interaction with potential customers is a great way to build a good relationship with customers. However, in order to do this, you have to be able to draw your audience in.

In order to grab the eye of your target audience, you have to build an eye catching trade show booth. And while there are a number of people who have different opinions about what makes a quality trade show booth, the truth is that there is no cookie cutter method for creating the perfect trade show booth for your needs. The goal of your trade show booth design is to draw customers in and help build brand identity. Here are a few things you should consider before building your booth. Continue reading

Why Should Your Business Be Advertising at Trade Shows?

Trade-showWhen it comes to drumming up business for your business, what advertising methods are you using? Most companies rely heavily on their digital marketing campaigns, leaving little resources available for more traditional, old school techniques. However, do you know what you’re leaving on the table?

In today’s instant gratification business environment where bigger and faster automatically means better, most companies are spending time working on building up their online presence. They spend time on social media, optimizing their websites and blasting customers with direct email campaigns. Why? The main reason is because more and more demographics prefer electronic advertising over traditional advertising and, to be honest, it’s cheaper and faster. However, veteran advertising executives continue to hold on to a few vestiges of the old school advertising ways and continue to embrace campaigns such as print ads and tradeshows. Why? Because they work. Continue reading