Six Tips To Improve Trade Show Display Results

trade showsOk, so you know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to trade show booth display colors, design elements and more. But, are you doing absolutely everything you can to make sure that your booth is the most successful it can be? Here are six tips that you can use to keep the visitors coming in in droves.

1). Bring in the kids

When people come to trade shows, they often have their tiny tots in tow. Want to grab the attention of the parents? Grab the attention of the children. Put interactive, kid-proof display elements in their line of site and watch your guests start rolling in. You can also offer kid safe activities like coloring tables and more.

2) Accessibility

You know that in order to bring in visitors, you need to make your display accessible. But, is it accessible to everyone? If your display isn’t handicapped-friendly, you are missing potentially dozens of leads from disabled patrons. Make sure that those who use assistive devices like walkers, canes, and even wheelchairs and scooters to get around can access your display as easily as your able-bodied leads can. Continue reading

Four Advanced Trade Show Tactics

tradeshowBy now, you know that exhibiting at a trade show is a great way to expand your marketing efforts and appeal to clients you might not have been able to reach before. However, whether you are an old hat at trade show exhibition or a complete newcomer, the rules for how to design a trade show booth and generate buzz have all changed. This article is focused on providing you what you need to know to achieve those three goals that every exhibitor should have for their display: building brand awareness, getting leads, and solidifying relationships with existing clients.

1. Make Your Display Pop

And no, we don’t mean using cheesy New Years poppers to grab attention. Your display has many moving parts when it comes to what your potential customers are seeing. What you don’t want is for all those moving elements to either fade into the backdrop of your booth or be so busy and cluttered that the eye skips over it in order to find something it can make sense of. The key to pulling this off is to find one thing that you can use to nab the attention of the client and make them smile. For example, let’s say you are advertising for a college. Have your staff dress as cheerleaders. This something different that showgoers aren’t going to expect, but doesn’t detract from the other elements of your display. It can also make your booth more approachable because your staff won’t look so stiff and formal, which is especially important if you are advertising to a younger audience. Continue reading

The State of The Trade Show Industry

tradeshowThe world of trade shows has changed quite a bit over the years. There are trends for this industry that have come and gone and have come back around again. The appetite of the consumer base for hands on, face to face interaction stays alive even in the midst of our digitally driven world these days. Statistically speaking, events (including trade shows), runs second only to digital campaigns when it comes to marketing with every other outlet running distantly behind. So the smart company puts its money on both efforts to get their brand in front of their customers and generate new business.

When it comes to display space, it’s all about the design, and that is one thing that has never changed. The updates and trending styles come from use of display materials, color, furniture (to be or not to be), interaction and presentation. One other driving factor that doesn’t get as much press as some of the others is flow – traffic flow, to be precise. How you craft the layout of your display space to “direct” the flow of traffic into and out of your area can be a deciding factor in how much business you generate at all. Continue reading

The New Trade Show: Trade Show Trends

trade_showsAs consumers realize they like to be engaged with new ideas in a face to face fashion as well as digitally, trade show events will continue to remain strong weapons in a smart business’s arsenal. For some time, it was thought that digital and social media would literally wipe out things like trade shows as consumers would drift to the digital side and stay home rather than making the effort to get out and about. That is proving to just not be the case at all. Instead, the reverse concept is showing up in many ways including increased attendance at trade show events and conferences. Bottom line: people are social creatures who really like to come together and interact – even if it might be more convenient to sit on the couch and wear out their thumbs on the phone or tablet.

However, using digital media and technology as part of a display space if you are an exhibitor continues to rise in popularity. In fact, a strong case is made for its use simply because “changing” how these tools are used and what is viewed on them contributes to a display space redesign in a far less costly fashion than printing and otherwise physically producing new display materials. Once you’ve paid for the monitors, tablets, or other display screens, you are set for quite some time as the changes can all be done virtually without additional costs. This is a big plus for incorporating these devices as part of your space and reducing your long-term budget. Continue reading

The Trade Show Experience Part 2

trade show marketingTo continue exploring what can take you over the top for trade show participation, a good topic to land on is giveaways. The right giveaway is a hook all on its own, and will stand out in the mind of your potential customers – sometimes more than your pitch will. What you give to people needs to embody the spirit of your product and pitch, in a nutshell. It needs to add actual value to your audience regardless of whether they buy from you straightaway or not. If it is something that adds value, then that “freebie” is your continual spokesperson, telling your story over and over with each use. This doesn’t mean getting your company name or brand screen printed on a pen – get creative. Now isn’t the time to be mundane. Now is the time to stand out and be counted as memorable for a good reason. Continue reading

The Trade Show Experience Part 1

Trade-showNo matter what type of business you have, from a storefront to a virtual franchise, you can benefit from exposure at trade shows. Not only do you have the opportunity to get in front of a new audience that was previously unconnected to you and your products, you can network with others in the industry. These are all stepping stones for you and your business, and walking where they take you is essential to good growth.

There are a couple of tips that can make you more successful when you set up at trade shows. The first suggestion is to work on your booth display. If you’re new to this, go to some shows and see what works and what doesn’t. When you see what works, determine why it works better than those around it. It could be the display itself – colorful, dynamic, multi-media – or it could be placement of elements that creates a natural flow allowing participants to move through without getting “stuck”. Continue reading

How to maximize the impact your trade show display will have on your market

trade-showAdvances in technology are apparent in all industries, even in the trade show business. Advanced technology has given companies the ability to capture and retain the attention of customers across many different demographics. Some would even venture to say that its technology that brings us all together. In order to set their trade show booths out from all of the others on the floor at any given event, exhibitors are turning more and more to technology to give their booths some glitz and panache in order to bring potential customers in. Here are a few things that are currently hot right now in the trade show world.

Design trends

Long gone are the square boxes of the trade show booths of old. Today’s trade show booths are sleek and full of curves and architectural details. Many exhibitors will lay wooden floors over the concrete facility floors in order to add a touch of sophistication and warmth to their displays. Continue reading

How to Enhance Your Existing Trade Show Display to Maximize Visibility

trade_showsTrade shows provide companies a unique opportunity to connect with their targeted consumers and provide them with a unique, interactive experience with new products that can make or break their revenues for the year. The key to the success of any company’s trade show experience is to attract the customers who will serve as the mouthpiece for their company. In order to do this, you have to create a trade show booth that will capture their attention. There are several emerging trends that promise to increase your face to face interactions with your target audience members. So, what elements should you be incorporating into your trade show booth this year? Continue reading

The Benefits Of Trade Show Advertising In Your Marketing Strategy

consumer_electronics_showGetting the trade show style of marketing down pat is one of the biggest plugs for your message and your brand that you could ever imagine. When you are able to set up a display that creatively speaks to who you are and what you offer, you are giving people who are visual something to grab onto. They get a physical experience instead of just hearing or reading about something. It is a much more powerful experience than you could imagine.

So you might wonder what some of the things you could do might be to grab people’s attention. The answer to this question of all questions is simple – find out what the people in the area are wanting and then try to give them that within the context of your product or service. Is it health? Is it wealth? Are they more conservative, or are they more free-spirited? You can get some great ideas at Continue reading

A Trade Show Story To Maximize Your Marketing Efforts!

What Does it Takes to Make Your Trade Show Participation a Success and Reap Maximum Benefits?

A trade show should be an integral part of a long-term marketing strategy and not just a one-day affair.  Therefore to maximize the returns on your trade show participation both long-term planning and deft execution are required before, during and after the show.

Every step is crucial to the success of a trade show.  Starting with selecting the right event, next securing the right tradeshow display booth to attract and impress the crowd.  What’s your plan for starting conversations? What does your planned presentation include? How will you get contact details on visitors to follow up with after the show? What is your follow-up strategy and what will it include? How will you measure success? Successful shows are experienced when these questions are carefully contemplated and you prepare accordingly.

Many businesses including small and medium enterprises have successfully converted leads generated at trade shows into sales! Their success has been a result of the combined efforts right from the word go! With proper planning and execution, you too can achieve success from your trade show participation as exemplified by Rob in the following story.

Trade Shows Offer a Great Start to a Better Sales Process

Rob is true success story. He runs a home repair and renovation firm in Virginia and he is a regular at all the local home shows and trade show events.  He says, “I am able to connect over 75% of my business from the leads generated at trade shows; but not without persistence and patience.” He further adds, “It sometimes takes a year or longer to close some jobs.” The lesson here is to remember that the end of the trade show day is just the beginning of your actual marketing efforts. Post event follow-ups is what leads to closing sales.

Rob would patiently wait and follow up often over the phone, via emails and direct mail pieces to drive his brand. Whenever there was a communication from the prospects he followed-up immediately.  “It is important to show your prospects that you value their business”, Rob was a master at the follow-up, as he continues, “you need to be ready with all the marketing collateral to hand to visitors and with a feedback form to collect prospects contact details when necessary.”

“Trade shows offer a great platform to generate leads and eventually close new sales”, says Rob; they give him a chance to, “meet prospects face-to-face and impress them.” He makes sure that, “the prospects get to see examples of my past work, using a big LCD screen fixed at our booth.”  Rob says he is able to, “display photo shots taken before and after on the homes of previous clients.”

Rob believes it is important to use time and resources wisely in planning a great booth presentation. He uses all types of electronic gadgets, printed materials and handouts to impress clients. He also says, “I make sure to collect the contact details of every serious visitor at my booth.” He continues, “Time management is crucial too, as there is a limited amount of time and a large group to sift through. I have learned how ask direct questions that enable me to draw conclusions on visitors in a very short period of time to determine if there is genuine interest, then I move quickly to direct them to right person or the right process for follow-up.”

Making Exhibitions Work for Your Business, too!

Rob has been getting results that seem nothing short of a miracle,  but what he has been doing is not miraculous.  Rob uses simple logic, common sense, patience and perseverance to succeed. You too can follow Rob’s model of trade show marketing and deliver similar results for your business.  The final take-away from Rob is, “It is important to plan your trade show strategy as a long-term marketing initiative not as a one-off affair.”